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What we loved the most about this book is the rawness and truthfulness it offers. | Book Review : The Subtle Art of Dealing with People

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Our world relies on the law of co-existence. Almost everything, whether personal or professional, is dependent on our way of dealing with people around us. Have you ever noticed how some people mesh with you on the first meeting, whereas others take years to match your vibe? Whether an extrovert, ambivert, or introvert, you have to interact with your surroundings to get a hold of your life, or in other words, you have to deal with people to make things work for you.

I think interaction and dealing with people is an art form that only a few have mastered.
When read and implemented thoughtfully, “The Subtle Art of Dealing with People” by Aruna Joshi is a non-fictional work that makes us understand the need to know how to deal with people and then makes us master it. The author has expressed the way to connect with each other. The tips and advice shared in the book are really tactful, to the point, and not just bluffing. What I loved the most about this book is the rawness and truthfulness it offers.

The idea of self-love and not trying to impress everyone around you has also been penned and nurtured beautifully in the book. Besides that, she has also mentioned the art of listening as the key to a good, long-lasting relationship and how to deal with criticism. It’s truly a 101 guide, isn’t it?

Coming to the language and narrative style, the author has used her own peculiar narrative style, which catches you from the first few pages, and with lucid language, this gains more points. This is a highly recommended book for almost every bibliophile.

Book Information

Title: The Subtle Art of Dealing with People
Author: Aruna Joshi
Publisher: Embassy Books
Price: Rs.265 (Paperback)
Pages 198
Ebook? Available
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