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Kerala High Court allows murder convict to attend his book launch event.

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In a recent legal development, the Kerala High Court has granted a brief reprieve to Jayanandan, a convict entangled in two murder cases. The court has approved a two-day escort parole, permitting Jayanandan to partake in an event tied to the launch of his forthcoming book in Kochi.

This decision emanates from a writ petition filed by Jayanandan’s wife, Indira, presented through their legal representative, Keerthi Jayanandan. Jayanandan, with a history encompassing 23 criminal charges, including five murder cases, saw acquittal in three instances but conviction in two.

Indira contends that her husband, incarcerated for the past 17 years, has undergone a substantial transformation during his imprisonment. Emphasizing Jayanandan’s literary pursuits, she revealed that one of his books, “Pulari Viriyum Munpe,” has secured approval from the Director General of Prisons for publication. The book launch is scheduled for December 23 at the Press Club in Ernakulam.

Expressing his wish to attend the event, Jayanandan intends to channel the proceeds from book sales towards supporting children with special needs. While an application seeking a 30-day parole for arrangement purposes was submitted to the Viyyur prison’s High Security Prison Superintendent, no action has been taken, claims the petitioner.

As per the court’s directive, Jayanandan is allowed to stay with his family from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on December 22. Subsequently, law enforcement will escort him to the nearest sub-jail or another correctional facility. On December 23, he will be taken to the book release venue and returned to prison thereafter.

To further ensure compliance, the court mandates both the petitioner and one of Jayanandan’s daughters to submit an affidavit to the Viyyur prison Superintendent, affirming their commitment to ensuring the convict’s return to jail. Additionally, the Director General of Prisons is tasked with implementing robust police surveillance, including an escort, to prevent any escape attempts by the convict.

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