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Anyone can be a writer as long as they’re invested and put in the effort | Exclusive Interview with Author Nandini Gupta

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Nandini Gupta is the author of Daughter of The Night who is studying Journalism and Dramatic Literature at NYU. She also has a Youtube channel on Lifestyle and is a fan of BTS.
So here is our conversation with her.

Daughter of The Night is an amazing book that is getting wonderful reviews all

around the world, so have you gone through any literary pilgrimages for this
This is a wonderful question! I didn’t travel specifically for the purposes of the
novel, but I have been to different parts of Rajasthan before. Sometimes I would
go as a part of school trips, while other times I was with my family. One thing
remained common throughout all the trips: I was in awe of the place. I am
obsessed with their culture, which is why writing about it in “Daughter of the
Night” felt extremely special. I read about the place all the time, watch
documentaries, and have some friends from there, which is why I was quite
familiar with the land I was writing about.

2. People who write, they read too, so what was the first book that made you cry?
I would have to say a play made me cry before a book made me cry. I read a lot of
plays as dramatic literature is one of my majors at New York University. And this
play was “Guards at the Taj” by Rajiv Joseph. It’s a fictional story of two guards
who were handed the responsibility of chopping the hands of the workers who
built the Taj Mahal during Emperor Shah Jahan’s reign. The relationship
portrayed between the two guards who happen to be close friends is
heart-warming and grounding, but the plot twist is likely to leave you in shatters.
I love this play; it’s definitely one of my favorites.

3. While writing this book have you ever gotten writer’s block?
To a certain extent, yes. It was when I was writing the end, the big plot twist of
the novel. I always knew how I wanted “Daughter of the Night” to end, but I
wasn’t sure if the build-up aligned with the end and if the readers would be
confused at any point. I also didn’t want to give away too much information
because the end wouldn’t be as effective then. So I tried multiple plot lines,
deleted most of them, and would start over and this continued for quite a few
days until I found the one I liked best.

4. Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?
Yes, definitely. Every writer writes differently and if someone doesn’t feel
emotions too strongly, then maybe that’s the kind of writing style they adopt. Not
too descriptive, not too emotional, just straight to the point. At the end of the day,
anyone can be a writer as long as they’re invested and put in the effort.

5. Last question from us, what is your writing Kryptonite?
I would say being a full-time undergraduate student is my biggest block to
writing. I’m at university all day long attending classes in which I’m expected to
read and write. Sometimes I don’t feel like looking at another Google doc or
picking up a notepad and pen to brainstorm. My brain is fried by the end of the
day, and sometimes that’s just the biggest hurdle in my way.

Price: Rs.295
Publisher: Nandini Gupta (20 October 2021)
Language: English
Paperback: 160 pages


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